Real Honest Food

  • New Granola

    American Beauty Granola

    Often the best things start with something simple but good. Add another layer or two or three of simple, good ingredients - the result can be magical. In Summer of 2013, Dogfish Head Craft Brewery approached us to make a simple, wholesome, organic granola for their Grateful Dead tribute beer. The end result, American Beauty Imperial Pale Ale, was received to much acclaim. Starting with the same base, we add several layers of simple, honest ingredients. In the end, we create a granola that pays homage to the band that created a culture and a way of life that is still going strong today, 50 years later. This is real honest food. This is American Beauty Granola. Enjoy!
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  • Grizzlies Team

    The Crew

    Whether it’s our sincere belief in sustainability or our love of local agriculture, our crew walks the talk. Here are some examples - Brad started a Co-Op while he was still at Kent State University, Whit has 6 egg producing chickens in his backyard, Jenny is on her way to becoming a master beekeeper and we all make use of the amazing & endless bike path system Eugene has to offer. We truly love what we do and that’s why you’ll never find an ingredient in our products you can’t pronounce, nor will you find any GMO’s. Our crew makes Real Honest Food because we believe in Real Honest Food.
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  • Fresh Ingredients


    Here at Grizzlies, your product is truly handmade and made to order - you won’t find stacks of pre-made product, conveyer belts or any automated processes in our production facility. What you will find is a highly trained crew, mixing bowls, spatulas & a lot of hard work. When you place your order, we get to work. You can rest assured that your order is always fresh and made with the finest ingredients.
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  • Experienced Crew

    Top Priority

    From start to finish the Grizzlies crew makes sure your product is their top priority. In every aspect of our operation – from Granolas, Trail Mixes & Breakfast Cereals, our goal is to produce an amazing product that you will love. Our experienced crew unloads each delivery truck, follows our tried & true recipes and packs each box with care to ensure your order is the best you’ve ever had. As you can see here, Duy is putting the finishing touches on one of our Organic Swiss Muesli bulk boxes – sure to satisfy!
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