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Cardamom Cranberry Paleo Granola Bars

Updated: Mar 1, 2022

Servings: 8 Prep Time: 15 Min Total Time: 45 Min

It was the Atkins diet 2.0. At least thats what I thought. The paleo diet was just another fad, it would catch on for a few months and would fade into a distant memory. Be honest, you thought the same thing.

Around the same time, CrossFit became a thing, and in many ways go together. I had friends try to get me into both, I thought about it for about a second, and then I thought...bagels. Seriously though, both are a worth while pursuits. However I will stick to my good friend, moderation.

A grain-free diet, isn't always convenient, so you have a lot of respect from me. Grain has made its way into everything, thank goodness:) jk. There are some tasty meals and treats out there labeled paleo or grain-free. Just search the google. Websites, cookbooks, blogs and social media account are devoted to the diet. Years ago, Grizzlies developed a line of grain-free granolas so I've had a lot of experience in the genre. Grizzlies is by far the best. Humble brag.

CrossFitters gravitate to the paleo diet because of their need for protein. Shockingly the meat only diet is actually a thing. Seriously. I digress. I would suggest mixing up where you get your protein, because again, moderation. Nuts and seeds provide a healthy protein alternative and can fuel your body much longer than a typical grain-filled granola bar. It's also filled with healthy fats. Our Cardamom Cranberry Paleo Granola is packed with nuts, seeds and fruit, with no fillers and makes the perfect base for this grain-free granola bar recipe.

If you've never flipped a tractor tire or even attempted a paleo diet, that's ok, you can still make this recipe.

What you'll need

2 Cups Cardamom Cranberry Paleo Granola

6 Dates

3/4 Cup Cashews

4 Tbs mix of flax seed or meal, chia seed, or hemp seeds

1/2 Cup Almond butter for favorite nut butter

3 Tbs Coconut oil

2 Tbs Maple syrup

1 Tsp vanilla

Pinch of salt

Step 1

Chop dates up in a food process, add cashews and pulse to desire size and mixed in with dates.

Step 2

Mix Granola, cashew/date mixture, and seeds together in medium size bowl.

Step 3

Add nut butter, coconut oil, maple syrup, and vanilla in small sauce pan. Heat over low heat until coconut oil is melted and all ingredients are incorporated.

Poor wet mixture into dry ingredients and mix together.

Step 4

Poor granola mixture into prepared pan lined with parchment paper and place in refrigerator for 30 mins to firm up.


Because these bars are not baked, they have the potential of getting soft. Can these technically be called a granola bar if they aren't baked? Who knows, but you'll be happy they are around. That being said, they are best eaten right out of the refridgerator. I'd suggest storing them in there as well.



Did you try this recipe? Tag @grizzliesbrand in your photos and receive a discount code for 25% off your next order of 12 oz pouches. We'd love to see your creations!


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