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Long ago, we set out to make Grizzlies Brand a place that inspires. Not just to provide good healthy food. We recognize that food has the ability to make us feel, to bring us together, and connect us with the planet. Well, in a day where real tag is banned, it's hard to connect with one another in person. Here at Grizzlies, we still wanted to make an effort to connect with our loyal customers, so let's inspire one

another and use our adventures and good food to do it!

Receive 25% off your next order when you mention @grizzliesbrand in your a next post.

Tag us on Facebook or Instagram (or both) and receive a discount code on your next order of 12oz pouches. Below are a few options on how to do it.

1. Share Your Creations

The recipes on our blog are made with local, healthy ingredients, made from scratch, and either created by us or adapted from recipes that have inspired us. Try one of our recipes or be creative with Grizzlies raw grain cereals, granolas, and trial mixes while being resourceful, and adventurous. We want to see your creations!

Check out our recipes for inspiration.

2. Share Your Adventures

Grizzlies Brand food is designed to inspire health and adventure. Our products can provide healthy breakfast options to a large family, and at the same time be a source of energy on any adventure. Whichever it is, we want to live vicariously through you!

Tag us in photos of your adventures and show us what you're up to!

How are you enjoying our raw grain cereals, granolas, and trail mixes?

Get started today...


Use some creative hashtags


Once an image has been tagged with @grizzliesbrand please allow us a day to respond with a discount code. You will receive a direct message with a discount code, good for 25% off your next purchase of all 12oz pouches. Offer is good through the end of September.


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